Saskatchewan Music Award Nomination / Radio Interview on the Global Voice at CFCR 90.5 SASKATOON.

Rooky for Sask Music

The year couldn’t have ended any better! we got a nomination for the Hip Hop Artist of the Year award category for the Saskatchewan Music Awards 2021,,article/7150/the-2021-saskatchewan-music-awards-nominees

Super Grateful for the awesome people at Sask Music for the nomination and all the media support i have received this year , its always a honor to be recognized for your talent and artistry! also looking forward to bringing it home…

We also had a radio interview at Saskatoon’s CFCR 90.5 Radio on the Global Voice Show and it was a fun and experience filled discussion. You can check it out here

looking forward to creating and releasing more music for everyone and lets not forget , for the good people in Regina and environs : I have a show for my people in the new year – Jan 8th on Saturday at Cloud 9 Live , show starts at 9pm and ends by Midnight, we are also going to have lots of performances from other amazing artists and a special package for attendees. for more info kindly check out this link as well …

Rooky at CFCR Saskatoon.

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