The Concept of “Satori” my Sophomore Musical EP. – A few Words.

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist Term which means the experience of awakening (“enlightenment”) or apprehension of the true nature of reality. It is derived from the Japanese verb “to know” (satoru) Often considered an experience which cannot be expressed in words.

Satori as a musical project portrays a musical cocktail influenced by the themes of heartbreak, love , lust and self awareness.

It is a melodic journey of mixed emotions , the feeling of strength in vulnerability , willingness to accept one’s role in toxic attachments as well as moving on from those unhealthy ties , the freedom of expression and the self awareness that you are more than enough in your search for love ,happiness and comfort.

The Project was made in a life span of 18 months with contributions from various artist and producers alike. The first draft for the EP had up to 15 demo songs before it was trimmed down to the 7-tracked sonorous journey.

Satori is best enjoyed when played in the format it was arranged upon release as it tells a story from “Truth bomb” and melodically rides down to “Spaceship finesse” , though with the use of various elements , the themes tie together portraying the experience of Satori which I hope you can find while listening to this project. listen with an open mind and a heart to understand , I would love to hear what you think about this project.

Satori can be found on all streaming digital platforms and also available for purchase below

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